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An asset-driven process leading to success.

Clearinghouse will help you choose the marketing platform that best fits the assets you are selling. The correct marketing venue will assure the highest returns.

Negotiated Transaction

Value is greater than $10MM with substantial reserves

Higher upside/higher PDP ratio

Operated/Non-operated working interest

Geographically concentrated portfolio

Recommended for assets that are technically complex

A negotiated transaction typically has a three- to six-month sales cycle

Live Auction

Logical groupings typically have a value range of $10K to $20MM

Primarily PDP reserves

Operated/Non-operated working interest, leasehold, ORRI, royalties, minerals

Usually geographically diverse

30- to 60-day sales cycle

We begin the process for each divestment in exactly the same manner, with a comprehensive analysis of your divestiture portfolio. We will analyze your project's financial, engineering and geoscience data in order to make the most suitable recommendations.

Our proprietary marketing process will help you leverage the full value of your assets. Clearinghouse offers a variety of different services geared towards the successful sale of different types of assets, and will develop custom marketing solutions for each of your properties.

Presenting the Data

We create, host and manage physical and virtual data rooms for data dissemination.

  • We make sure each potential buyer has
    • Knowledge of the sale and precise timeline
    • Access to comprehensive, accurate and timely data
    • Opportunity to evaluate and participate in the process

The Sales Process

Whether your properties are sold through a Continuous Online Auction, at a Live Hybrid Auction or by Negotiated Transaction, they need to be marketed.

  • Our current marketing list contains nearly 12,000 qualified buyers
  • We market your properties through our website, email, partner websites, publications, brochures and catalogues so they get offers
  • Our business development team is constantly making suggestions and recommendations to buyers

Data Collection & Evaluation

Less uncertainty on the part of the buyer means higher prices for our sellers. We know what a buyer wants for evaluation purposes and we organize and present seller data so as to obtain the highest price. We gather your data in both electronic and hard copy formats. Once we evaluate your data, we will make recommendations as for the suitable process: Continuous Online Auction, Live Hybrid Auction or Negotiated Transaction.

For Live Hybrid Auction

  • We recommend the grouping (lotting) of properties to achieve best results
  • We parse, prepare and present the data for online viewing by buyers
  • We market the properties to thousands of qualified buyers
  • Live Hybrid Auctions allow bids by internet users as well as attendees of the physical auction event and ensure competition

For Negotiated Transactions

We are data-driven and each property demands its own unique approach—there’s no such thing as “One Size Fits All” when it comes to Negotiated Transactions. Data is strategically organized into a variety of categories.

  • Engineering
  • Geology
  • Land
  • Contracts/Marketing
  • A detailed asset presentation is prepared
  • Electronic and Physical Data Rooms are built to display the properties in their best light
  • Questions are anticipated and answered
  • Deliver status and feedback to seller during marketing/evaluation process

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