AFE Online Auctions

Discover the Power of AFE Online Auctions: Accelerate Returns on Your Non-Operated AFE Interests

Embrace the future of AFE transactions with Oil & Gas Asset Clearinghouse's AFE Online Auction platform. Our innovative approach is designed to help you swiftly and effectively monetize your non-operated Authorization for Expenditure (AFE) interests, delivering outstanding results even within tight deadlines.

Agile and Responsive: Our nimble team of industry experts can swiftly launch AFE Online Auctions within a matter of days, ensuring that you capitalize on time-sensitive opportunities without sacrificing the potential value of your assets.

Targeting the Right Assets: We focus on non-operated AFE interests from well-established oil and gas companies, ensuring that our platform attracts high-quality assets that are appealing to our extensive network of buyers.

Extensive Buyer Network: Gain access to our vast database of over 20,000 active buyers, allowing you to leverage the power of competitive bidding to maximize the value of your AFE interests. Our success-driven fee structure ensures that we only get paid when you successfully close a deal.

Guidance and Support: Let our team of experts assist you in determining if our AFE Online Auction platform is the right fit for your needs. We're committed to helping you navigate the complexities of the AFE transaction process, ensuring that you achieve the best possible outcome.

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