About Us

Oil & Gas Clearinghouse is a leading platform for buying and selling oil and gas properties. Our innovative technology and expert team make transactions simple, transparent, and secure for all parties involved.

About Us

Located in Addison, Texas.

Founded in 1992, Clearinghouse has brokered more than 32,000 transactions, over $13.3 billion in sales, encompassing over 500,000 properties. It is the first and only A&D advisory services firm in the industry to offer live hybrid auctions as well as negotiated transaction services..

Clearinghouse was the first firm to bring oil & gas experience, expertise and skilled industry professionals together for a common goal: to become the best oil & gas auction house in the business. Our dedicated staff, with decades of combined experience in land, engineering, geology and transactional experience, quickly branded Clearinghouse as one of the most respected and trusted companies in the business. We remain an industry leader.

Today, Clearinghouse successfully markets oil & gas properties by implementing customized marketing processes for each asset in order to maximize value. Our sales processes, fully supported by credible, comprehensive virtual and physical data rooms and extensive project management, are unmatched. We are a constant in the marketplace. We accurately match buyers with assets. We offer fair terms, quality evaluation data and established industry relationships.